My name’s Erick Kassab and I’m an animator and graphic designer. I grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco and graduated as a digital graphic designer from UNIAT, known by no one as University of Advanced Technologies in 2016. Since I can recall graphic communication has always fascinated me.


A couple of animated films made their mark on my childhood development and since then I strive to create visual content with a lasting positive impact in new generations. This is why I never doubted about my career and keep on being amazed by animated content as if we were still in 1996. But with more of a cynical eye for style, technique and substance.


Since before finishing college I’ve been working independently and, after graduation, for a couple of companies. With varied positions as in marketing, serigraphy, community manager, rotoscope animation, and in-house graphic designer, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different interests of mine and get a little outside of my comfort area.


I’m always trying to learn and grow professionally.